Cut out travel time to filling stations

Less wastage saving you money. No misappropriation of vital resources.

Less journeys means less CO2 emissions!

The “Refueling” of your fleet of trucks, buses or tractor-trailers in your yard or depot during unproductive hours, has many benefits

  • Increased productivity i.e. by taking the downtime of driver refueling and converting this time to extra delivery, results in more revenue.
  • Increased revenue i.e. as most refueling is done at overtime rates, considerable costs can be eliminated by engaging On-Site Refueling to take over the refueling responsibility.
  • Decreased operator labour costs and Increased available ‘tacho’ time per driver
  • Elimination of on-site storage and associated inventory costs and environmental risk
  • Elimination of misappropriation of fuel
  • Increased security of goods and staff as a result of fewer stops
  • Premium diesel fuel
  • Non taxable off road Gas Oil
  • Centralized billing i.e. Single invoicing for all fuel and a single ticket for every vehicle on the yard
  • Competitive prices
  • Guaranteed Products
  • Dual metered trucks carry on road Diesel and off road Gas Oil fuel.
  • Customized fleet fuel consumption and billing information – daily, weekly or as required through On-Site Refueling Fuel

Management Online.

  • 24/7/365 service

No delays, no excuses, no wasted time In today’s world of high labour costs, fleet operators are discovering the hidden costs of truck refueling. Thousands of hours are wasted each year when drivers have to travel to fuel depots and then wait in line to refuel. Inevitably, it always seems to be overtime hours spent on the fueling game. Also, the downtime of the truck has to be considered. Instead of the vehicle being tied up at the fuel island two, three, or four times a week, it could be used for its main purpose–making deliveries. Your drivers will start each day knowing that their truck is fueled and ready to go. No delays, no excuses, no wasted time. Traditionally, businesses that operate fleets of vehicles have maintained their own fleet fuel supply in storage fuel tanks or fleet fuel card at retail fuel locations. On-site refueling is when a fleet fueling company comes on your location when your fleet fuel of vehicles have little or no activity and fuels each vehicle where it is parked.


This service has helped fleet fuel managers:


  • Eliminate the expense and liabilities of having on-site fuel storage
  • Increase drivers production by not having to stop and wait for fleet fuel at retail locations for 15-25 minutes a day
  • Reduce the amount of drivers required by making them more productive by eliminating the fleet fueling process