About On-Site Refueling

On-Site refueling was founded in 2008, with the specific purpose of fueling fleet trucks when they were not in use. The concept was simple – Reduce operational costs by bringing the fuel to the truck instead of the truck to the fuel. The savings were huge. Today, using the basic concept that the business was founded upon, we have spread our business throughout Leinster and growing nationwide.

According to the industry average, it takes 20 minutes for a vehicle to fuel. That’s 20 minutes for every vehicle, every day and it adds up to thousands of hours every year. For example, a fleet of just 30 losses over 2600 hours a year just getting fuel. That’s the equivalent of over one hundred unproductive days in a year. Our business is labour-saving; we provide efficiency to our customers by allowing them to use their driver workforce most effectively, saving labour cost and improving tachograph time while maximising driver’s productivity.

On-Site Refueling provides Construction Site Fuel, commercial Fuels, Diesel Fuel, Green Diesel, Gas Oil,  AdBlue delivered directly to your trucks fuel tanks, at your business, when your fleet is parked.