Our business is built on service. Our customers expect superior service and we deliver. We expect the same from our vendors every day of the week. Therefore when we moved into our new distribution facility in Dublin 15, we were met with a new challenge. Our growing fleet of over twenty-six Artic, Rigid and refrigerated trailers needed fuel and a lot of it. Because of liability and expense, we were not interested in storage tanks on the premises. Our solution was to retain the services of On-Site Refueling.Their multi-compartment fuel trucks are able to fill our Artic with taxable road diesel fuel and our reefer tanks with non-taxable gas oil fuel. On-Site Refueling does all the paperwork with computerized breakdown sheets for each vehicle fueled.

I certainly would recommend On-Site Refueling to anyone who is looking for a great product with great service.

Brian Daly, Managing Director

H.C. Gordon, Operations Manager

We have been using On-Site Refueling since February 2009. To date, they have provided a first class professional and reliable service. On-site Refueling arrive each morning before our drivers arrive for work and have all our vehicles fuelled and ready for the off, no wasted time!! It has, without a doubt, saved us money by avoiding the need for our fleet having to go to an external fuel station which on average takes between 10-15 minutes. We are provided with accurate records each morning which we can enter onto our fleet management system giving us up to date fuel performance figure.

I would have no hesitation in recommending On-Site Refueling to anyone who is looking to improve the productivity of their fleet and tighten down on the control of fuel.

We deliver milk and cuisine products on a very tight time limit to food service premises around the country from 2 am to 12noon, then our fleet is parked till the same time next day. Onsite Refueling has helped us improve our operational efficiency by providing high-quality diesel fuel delivered directly to our trucks fuel tanks, at our business, when our fleet is parked. Costly driver time spent refueling is eliminated, spending their time to save our time, our trucks and drivers now have more time delivering our products, rather than wasting time at a crowded fuel island.

Brona Grogan, Financial Controller

Stephen Kavanagh,- Kavanagh Distribution Ltd.

At First, I was sceptical about having my trucks fueled in the yard. For years I always sent my drivers to the fuel island at the service station. When I sat down and realised how much time my drivers were wasting on the fuel run every day, I knew that I should try something different. We load trucks all night long and always have several in the loading bay, which cannot be fuelled until they are off the bay. I have 10 trucks making 30 stops each week for fuel which could have been 45 deliveries or collections earning money instead of wasting money. On-site Refuelling is reliable and efficient. This is critical for our business. My only regret is that I should have done it sooner. Their service and price are terrific!