Fuel Tracking System

In today’s world of high labour costs, fleet operators are discovering the hidden costs of truck refueling. Thousands of hours are wasted each year when drivers have to travel to fuel depots and then wait in line to refuel. Inevitably, it always seems to be overtime hours spent on the fueling game

Also, the downtime of the truck has to be considered. Instead of the vehicle being tied up at the fuel island two, three, or four times a week, it could be used for its main purpose – making deliveries. Your drivers will start each day knowing that their truck is fueled and ready to go. No delays, no excuses, no wasted time.

Many fleet operators have learned that On-Site Refueling system of refueling saves their company thousands of euro’s in labour while increasing their productivity. The efficiency of our custom designed delivery trucks servicing your truck fleet provides a seamless and nearly invisible service.

Technology is a key definition of our service. The result is a fully-automated fuel tracking system which enables customers to account for every drop of fuel between fuel pump and exhaust pipe. Just read what some of our customers say about our service and our products.