Real Saving

How Much Could You Save?

Have you ever considered the cost of your skilled drivers and operators fueling their own vehicles? This ongoing expense, coupled with the lost potential of your vehicles and employees fueling instead of focusing on your core business, can add up to a huge productivity lapse. With On-Site Refueling, vehicles and drivers stay productive, performing the work that they were hired for, at significant savings.

  • Each stop for fuel equals about 20 minutes per truck
  • Value of driver & truck is at least €65 per hour
  • Stopping 3 times a week costs an hour of time for that driver & truck
  • Truck uses 300 litres each week that €65 adds 65 cents to every one of those 300 litres

Bottom Line: Lost time has cost you €10,140 per year for each truck.

These kinds of fuel savings can turn into very large amounts of money for your entire fleet in a year. At On-site refueling, fuel management we will ensure you are getting:

  • Benchmarked fleet fuel pricing
  • Quality service
  • Proper fuel information

And that you can rest assure we will perform fuel audits all of your fleet fuel transactions for accuracy. Business interruptions can have a devastating impact on your business and, in some instances, pose a safety risk. On-site refueling is also an excellent backup fuel service to have in emergencies or something simple like your own fuel pump breaking down for a couple of days.

Many of our clients need fuel no matter the time or conditions. On-site refueling fuel management offers nationwide fleet fuel supply and fuel logistical support solutions dedicated to providing fast, efficient, professional response for emergency fuel situations and natural disasters.

Contact us today about your emergency fuel planning and fleet fuel preparation needs. If your fuel management program is going to include fleet fueling you want someone who knows and understands the business, you want a fleet fuel consultant from On-site refueling. Make your fuel planning today before it’s too late be sure your fuel management team has a plan.