How it Works

Once a tank is full, on-site refueling pumping mechanism automatically shuts down until another barcode is scanned, this protects you against non-registered vehicle fill ups and ensure accurate filling. When the delivery is completed all the data from each transaction is automatically transferred to the On-site refueling information server which immediately shows up on your fuel account on the web, our in cab printer produces your delivery ticket and your drivers are good to go. All our truck’s fuel dispensing registers are calibrated by NSAI to guarantee quantity delivered.

Trucks have an onboard computer system that accurately records all of the data from the delivery. Small bar codes are programmed with customer information and attached near the customer’s trucks fuel tank. The bar code is accessed when the gas oil delivery is made, and the information is then downloaded to the company’s own computer programs. The system allows on-site refueling to customize information to its customers in almost any format that they desire.

On-Site Refueling recently introduced Fleet Navigator, a state-of-the-art new automated fuel-delivery system that ensures delivery safety and reliability, and allows customers to access their fueling transactions minutes after a gas oil delivery is made.

This guarantees our customers that fuel quantities have been recorded accurately and that they will be invoiced accurately because fuel is a major expense for many businesses they require accurate deliveries. Again, quality equipment is key to our success.