Technology is a key definition of our service. The result is a fully-automated fuel tracking system which enables customers to account for every drop of fuel between the fuel pump and exhaust pipe, so how does it work.


We come to you


The latest technology streamlines On-Site Refueling’s truck-to-truck refueling process.


  • The driver uses a hand-held device to scan a barcode on the truck. This provides the system with specific vehicle information such as tank size and fuel type.
  • Fueling occurs only if the driver is delivering the correct fuel type.
  • A computerised delivery ticket prints on the truck when the entire fueling process is complete. Within minutes, a fleet manager can download all transactions that took place.

All the data needed to manage your fueling operation is stored on a simple barcode in order to deliver any fuel an on-site refueling representative must scan your vehicle’s barcode this tells them what fuel is required and how much fuel is needed and also a proof of delivery. Once a tank is full, on-site refueling pumping mechanism automatically shuts down until another barcode is scanned, this protects you against non-registered vehicle fill ups and ensure accurate filling.


When the delivery is completed all the data from each transaction is automatically transferred to the On-site refueling information server which immediately shows up on your fuel account on the web, our in cab printer produces your delivery ticket and your drivers are good to go. All our truck’s fuel dispensing registers are calibrated by NSAI to guarantee quantity delivered. All trucks are ADR approved and have a Safe Loading Pass.