Mobile On-site Refueling

Fleet Refueling;


Instead of wasting time and money having your drivers fuel your vehicles, let On-Site Refueling bring the fuel to you with our Mobile Fueling Program.

We offer an on-site refueling service that comes to you and delivers fuel directly into your fleet and equipment.

On-Site Refueling increases productivity by ensuring your vehicles and equipment are fuelled and ready to go when your drivers are.

On-site refueling eliminates the need to store bulk fuel and the hassle of refueling vehicles and machinery yourself.


Simplification & efficiency

On-site refuelling reduces the need for a tank by having fuel delivered reliably and directly to your fleet and equipment, creating efficiency for your business.


Prompt delivery

We understand the costs associated with downtime when trucks and equipment is waiting to be refuelled. You can rely on us to deliver your fuel promptly.


Increased productivity

Your fleet and equipment can be refuelled after hours or when it’s not being used, eliminating downtime and increasing productivity.


Products & delivery

We deliver a range of fuels via a fleet of vehicles that includes small fuel delivery units to large tankers with top quality fuels sourced from Topaz.


Let’s look at five key benefits of On-Site Refueling service:


  1. Overnight service: We help you prepare for the busy day ahead by servicing your equipment overnight or when not in use. This saves travel time to travel to a refueling station and flags any potential equipment problems before the start of the workday.
  2. Correct product application: On-Site Refueling Specialist are experts when it comes to knowing which product is right for specific types of equipment.
  3. Improved safety: environmental and safety regulations increasingly limit where and how much fuel can be stored. On-Site Refueling eliminates the need for on-site tank storage, which is tightly regulated. Also, On-Site Refueling tends to reduce the number and severity of spills, since our fleet-fueling drivers are professionally trained and experienced in handling every type of product.
  4. Equipment sustainability: We are expert in fleet-fueling, we use the right amount of the right product at the right time. Organised data collection via bar code scan tags or RFID tags make it easy to spot issues as they arise because equipment information is consistently collected and reviewed on a regular basis.
  5. Cost savings: great fleet-fueling strategies mean your skilled labour force will not need to spend their time re-fueling equipment.