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Productive, Efficient, Control, and Profitable, these are the reasons why businesses choose On-Site Refueling but here are a few other safety, security, and confidence.

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Why Use On-site Refueling

The two major benefits to mobile fueling are fuel inventory control and convenience. On-site Refueling is a great way to control your fuel usage because you don’t have to worry about driver theft and misuse at fuel stations. However, it is not full proof unless you actively monitor your fuel usage to make sure that drivers aren’t siphoning fuel out of the trucks’ tanks on their routes. For example, if you notice that a driver starts a route with a full tank and comes back at the end of the route almost empty and they should have half a tank, there is probably theft taking place.
With RSA time regulations and expensive driver labour time, convenience is important. On-site Refueling does not require a drivers’ time to fuel their trucks, which allows drivers to be on the road from the start to the end of their shift. On-site Refueling is also convenient because it is mobile. For example, some companies such as construction companies get their equipment On-site Refueling at a specific job site one month and then a different job site the next month. In addition, these job sites might be miles from the nearest fuel station.

What Is the Cost Of On-site Refueling?

On-site Refueling is usually more expensive per litre than other fleet fuel management methods such as onsite bulk fuel tanks or fleet cards because you have to pay for the company to transfer the fuel and have an employee service your entire fleet.
However, it can be more cost-effective because you won’t have the upfront cost of installing and maintaining an onsite fuel tank or the cost of paying your drivers the extra time to fuel at a fuel station. At the end of the day, you have to compare all the cost and benefits to see which option is best for your fleet. With On-Site Refueling, you’ll no longer have to worry about managing the environmental risk of onsite bulk fuel tanks — or the costs of insuring and maintaining them.

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